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Prince of Cats is over, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to come.  Sometime in 2015, I will try to raise funds for a collected graphic novel printing of the entire story.   There is also a possibility I will write stand-alone comics about the characters in their adult lives, since there’s so much to explore.  If you would like to know when any of these things happen, you can follow one of my social media accounts listed below, or sign up here to get a notification when any new Prince of Cats projects are published.

Dovetail is my next graphic novel project.  It’s in development, but the timeline is not set in stone yet.  Look forward to it sometime in 2015.

You can keep up with what I’m doing in any of the following ways:

  • Twitter: I tweet about all kinds of things, but it’s the most real-time stream of updates you’ll get on my work.
  • Tumblr: This is a new tumblr I’ve set up for my art and comics.  My personal tumblr is here.
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  • korimichele.com: I try and keep this hub updated with all of the things I’m working on!

Thank you so much for enjoying Prince of Cats, and I hope you’ll enjoy my future work too.