I’m still on a page-posting hiatus until November 1, yes, but I was working on a little something and thought I’d share.  A bit of an experimental painting.  But look at that smile!  What could be happening to make Frank smile so genuinely?  Guess you’ll find out next month. <3

This is also an opportunity to mention that I’ll be at Another Anime Con in Manchester, NH this weekend!

I’ll have the usual- comics, prints, postcards, and doing lots of commissions!  This is always a great con, so come see me!  I’ll post a map on my tumblr when I can!  And speaking of my tumblr, if you need a fix, I’m posting some in-progress stuff up there while I work, so take a peek if you haven’t recently!

We’re halfway there!  Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to posting new pages in November!