For anyone interested, I put my SPX zine, Farmer at Arms, up for download as a PDF.  Cost is $1.50 (but you can pay more if you like, just enter the amount you want if you’d like to donate more.)

  • PDF version of the limited edition Prince of Cats zine from SPX 2013.
  • 6 pages of comic plus covers, originally printed at 5.5 x 8.5 in.
  • B+W, ink on paper, hand-inked and hand-lettered.
  • Farmer-at-Arms is an medieval AU (Alternative-Universe) illustrated poem about Prince Lee and Farmer Frank as told (lovingly) by Owen the Bard.
  • Part 1 of 2. Part 2 to be printed for SPX 2014.

Prince of Cats SPX’13 Zine: Farmer at Arms

Thanks for your support!