I’ll be at SPX 2013 this weekend, in North Bethesda, Maryland!  September 14-15!  This is one of the small Press conventions in the country, and there are going to be a ton of amazing people there!

I’ll have a limited edition, self-printed minicomic titled Farmer at Arms, which is a silly little AU zine that will be available for sale and trade.  It’s six pages, all hand inked and hand lettered.  See a preview image of the book here! I’m at table w41 A!

Some folks I’m super excited to meet and you should be too:

Blue Delliquanti, O Human Star

Melanie Gillman, As the Crow Flies

Spike, Templar Arizona and organizer of the Smut Peddler comic anthology

Dylan Meconis,Family Man

Elle Skinner, Missing Monday

Erika Moen, Oh Joy Sex Toy

Jay Fuller, Boy in Pink Earmuffs

Jess Fink, Chester 5000

Chad Sell, Chad Sell Comics

…and pretty much everyone.


Hope to see you there! <3